Internationally recognized, Viewpoint Press was established by Dr. BJ Mitchell in 1982 to publish books that are unique and, sometimes, out of the ordinary. These are books written for "fun and contemplation", to give the reader food for thought, in hopes of challenging their point of view. Books in the "tree limb" series, by 'possum' P.J. Pokeberry, are written in fable format so that the discussion of complex issues can be presented with a modicum of humor, while not diminishing the seriousness of the issue, even lightening the heart a bit. There’s much more to Viewpoint Press than books. The ‘arts’ in their entirety are the mainforce behind her passion for helping make a better world and assure a more positive future for her community. Take a look at all the authors’ books and Dr. Mitchells’ paintings to see just what we mean. Welcome !
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Dr. BJ Mitchell