Footprints of the Soul

What the end of our time on this Earth, it is really just the beginning? Frank Hebert, a self-made millionaire, is accustomed to buying whatever he wants whenever he wants it. He is totally focused on his own needs. Even though he grew up poor, he now thinks little of his world or others in it. When he is told by his doctor that he is suffering from incurable cancer and that all his money cannot save him, he finds himself completely helpless, without resources, without power, and very scared. His doctor, though, knows of an unusual clinic in the mountains that has had some successes with terminal cancer cases and manages to get Frank admitted. At the clinic Franks learns about a philosophical view of life that is totally new to him, which gives him hope that this Earth is not the only place where life exists. His journey into the afterlife is an exciting adventure--one you will not soon forget. $18.50             

Fiddler of the Opry  -  The Howdy Forrester Story

The ONLY book on Howdy Forrester ever written ! Fiddler of the Opry, the Howdy Forrester Story contains 250+ pages, detailing the life of Big Howdy Forrester (1922-1987), the doyenne of Nashville fiddlers, and longest-running fiddler on the Grand Ole Opry. The book contains 9 chapters, all named for original Forrester compositions; the first eight tell the story of Howdy’s work and life, while the last chapter analyzes his music and his playing style. The information is substantiated with nearly 500 foot notes. The book opens with a Foreword by Robert Cogswell, Director of the Folk Life Division for the Tennessee State Arts Commission. Also included are lead-sheets from all 12 of the tunes on Howdy’s United Artist album, tunes he wrote himself, along with note-for-note transcriptions of ten other tunes and arrangements of Forrester. There are dozens of photographs portraying Howdy’s life, a discography of all the albums on which he played, and a substantial bibliography, clearly enough information and music to keep scholars busy and musicians playing for a long time to come. Learn More At :  Available EXCLUSIVELY from ViewPoint Press ! Click to open our exclusive order form.           


This book is about domestic violence, and the devastating effects  it has on children in abusive homes, so it is addressed to all  people in abusive relationships. This book is about children in  both abusive and non-abusive homes who are exposed to  violence in their music, their video games, their movies, their  schools, and almost every area of their lives, so it is addressed to  parents, who are the only people who can do anything about it.  This book is about a society that turns a blind eye to the growing  violence in every aspect of our lives, so it is addressed to elected officials,  indeed to everyone in this country who sees just how uncivilized we have  become. We have become a country of large “me first” egos with souls  obscured by money, greed, and power. We are a country of religions  instead of God. There is a difference.   While this is an autobiography, its purpose is to call attention to the  growing and pervasive violence in America. The author begins with  her own childhood in a home with an abusive, alcoholic stepfather  and expands the discussion to our modern culture which condones violent  music video games, movies and television, and turns a blind eye to the  growing violence against women and children. The author suggests a  course of action for parents to stop, or least slow, the production of these  materials, as well as positive replacements for them in the lives of their  children.  B.J. Mitchell holds a Masters Degree in Library Science and an MBA and  PhD in management. A partial list of her accomplishments is included in  Who’s Who in America. She has written numerous books as well as  articles for professional journals. Dr. Mitchell’s fables for children are  written under the pen name of P.J. Pokeberry.   $19.95          
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           The Secret of Hillhouse A fable by P.J. Pokeberry Written by a 'possum', and encompassing the wisdom of a mystical frog, this delightful fable is sure to become a classic. It opens the door to communication between teens and their parents, about the difficult issues that all young people face. "Parents will like The Secret of Hilhouse because it explains the principles that are the hardest for a parent to get across" - The Woman's Voice $8.95      0-943962-02-1 1993, 86p, paperback           

Yesterday’s Lifestyles, Today’s Survival

by Dee Dee McWilliams

A native Ozarkian shares her past, her recipes, and her memories. "Before it's too late, I want to tell my story about the good life of a hillbilly in the beautiful Ozark mountain country. Beginning back in the 1870's, I will tell you how the old timers lived and survived. They were financially very poor, but rich in knowledge about how to be independent and dig their living out of the good earth. Neighbors worked together. They helped each other. There was love and there was understanding." - The Author $7.95      0-943962-01-3 (no barcode) 1983, 74p, paperback          

The Huckenpuck Papers

                                        A fable by P.J. Pokeberry 'Possum' author P.J. Pokeberry's "wisdom from the universe" is once again revealed. This time, the profound 'possum' presents a story of domestic violence and a young girl's search for self-esteem. As always, Pokeberry writes for audiences of all ages. "This delightfully light-hearted book carries several very important messages, which are easy to read and will hopefully 'hit the mark'. Putting personal value and physical integrity first is the way to peace and harmony with all life" - Binnie Callender, R.N., P.H.N., M.S., M.P.H. $8.95      0-943962-03-X 2001, 87p, paperback
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How to see the U.S. on $12 a day (per person - double occupany)

                                                    by B.J Mitchell and M.M. Dragoo This is the story of the adventures (and misadventures) of two novice RV'ers who traveled the U.S. for ten months, keeping detailed costs of everything they spent for eight of those months. Although it was published in 1982, and the expenses relate to that period of time, the book contains a formula for calculating today's costs using the prices listed in the book. In addition to expenses, the authors tell you the kind of lifestyle $12 a day would buy at that time. "...a little book with a lot of information" - Gary Collins, on Hour Magazine $4.95      0-943962-00-5 (no barcode) 1982, 114p, paperback

GOD is A Four Letter Word: Converstions with the soul

                          by B.J. Mitchell The history and evolution of the "Eden Philosophy", which views God in scientific terms as a living entity, rather than an abstract belief. The text presents a series of questions to be used as a model by individuals in establishing their own belief system, their own ideas about what is important in life and what God looks like. The appendix includes the beliefs of six individuals who answered the questions presented, thus illustrating how the questions serve as a framework for the construction of a personal philosophy. $17.00      1998, 184p.
An Analysis of the Relationship Between the Marketing Strategies Used by Protestant Churches in the United States, as Reflected in their Sermon Topics, and the Political Preferences of their Congregations A dissertation submitted in Partial Fulfillment of the Degree of Doctor of Philosophy in Business Administration and Management, at California Coast University, by B.J. Mitchell The purpose of this study was to analyze the frequency with which certain specific social issues were included by Protestant ministers in their sermons, and to evaluate the degree to which the social causes were different for churches with politically liberal congregations from churches with politically conservative congregations. The subjects for the study were selected by random sample by American Church Lists, Inc., from their database of Protestant Churches in the United States. ACLI selected one thousand churches, and survey questionnaires were sent to all of them. The results of the study supported the working hypothesis that the messages delivered from the pulpits of conservative churches differ from the messages of liberal Protestant churches. The differences are not 100%, of course, but issues identified as conservative by other researchers are mentioned by ministers in conservative churches more often than in liberal churches, and issues identified as liberal are used more often by ministers in liberal churches than in conservative churches. This was true for nine of the ten social issues included in the survey. $25.00      2002, 106p.